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Are you prioritizing what matters most?


It’s when the washing needs doing, dinner needs cooking, your to-do list is the length of the River Nile, and you haven’t slept enough that you’re also, apparently, supposed to advance professionally!

How on earth are you supposed to not be stressed and anxious?

The problem is, we are so busy being busy, trying to juggle all the things life throws at us – work, family, relationships, health – that at some point in the chaos, we get stuck. The thing is, getting stuck is the worst.


To get through the fog you need two, and two things only, direction and harmony! Have these two right and your results will follow by default!

Want to become a Living Success Magnet? This is how you do it! Whether you want to start sticking to your goals, building better habits, and reaching a higher level of achievement, you will never get there by focusing on details but by taking a holistic approach. 

That’s precisely why after overcoming a state of complete overwhelm and burn-out, years ago I documented the exact Blueprint that took me out from the Hurricane Eye in a program called LIFE ACTIVATED™.

"Your journey matters and no one should do it alone"

  • Success Stories

    I was at this stage of complete overwhelm, so much to do and totally lost my focus. Louise helped me get clear on what I truly wanted and needed, together we planned my priorities which helped me get organized, and focused on my personal and professional goals in life. After each session, I received a follow-up email with all the important points we discussed. I found this critical to continue following and achieving my goals! Louise is a great listener and she creates a very warm, non-critical environment during the sessions. On the other hand, she’s practical and organized. 

    - Yaala, Singer-Songwriter

  • Success Stories

    I felt so frustrated and swamped trying to climb the corporate ladder and going nowhere slowly. From our first session together Louise got me. She is very methodical and every session I gained so many new insights into my inner being and how this impacted my outer reality.  Louise is an amazing person, full of positivity, strength, and patience. Thanks to our sessions and her unique approach, my professional and personal life have changed profoundly. My results wouldn’t have been the same without her.

    - Sara Sestini, Trailblazer

  • Success Stories

    Louise helped me transform my life from feeling discouraged and demotivated about starting a career in New York after a long hiatus. Through our sessions we questioned and addressed the root causes of my insecurity and hesitation, she placed a structure that helped me direct my career and happy life balance search. Most importantly, she instilled an affirmative mindset in me that I still hold on to. When I’m in doubt or insecure, I learned through Louise how to quickly identify my saboteurs at play and redirect my thoughts to positive and empowering ones. The other great thing about Louise is that she’s practical and professional. She is able to give you useful career advice. She is also resourceful and has great inspiring ideas. She really listens and always comes back with more after a session.

    - Yumna Madi, Director, Customer Experience

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Who is Louise?

She is a leading mindset coach. Fortune 500 companies call her a high-performance leader, having led and scaled customer support & success teams across the globe. Friends call her a globetrotter; she loves exploring the world. Her two children call her the best mama in the world.

Louise’s life is guided by three core values: Passion, Courage, and Connection. As a former leader building and scaling high performance teams, she brings an unparalleled level of discipline, grit, and focus to everything she pursues.

Yes, I want to work with Louise!


I love the experience of being with another extraordinary human being in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I get constantly amazed at what gets generated when two people sit together, speak, and listen from a space of safety and possibility.

There is nothing quite like creation. I love what I do and love whom I do it with.

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